BaouRouge® Precision Slicing Knife

Precision Slicing Knife with adjustable, titanium-coated aluminum slicing guide for cutting widths of 1-16 mm (1/16” to 1/2”).
Cuts exact, identical slices, even to the thinnest level.
Delivers portion control that helps contain food costs and enhances serving presentations with consistency and uniformity in the slice thickness of breads, roasts, vegetables, whole meats, fruits and many other foods.

◾ 8 1/4” carbon-hardened steel serrated blade
◾ Adjustable titanium-coated aluminum portioning guide
◾ Black ABS ergonomic handle
◾ FDA Compliance
◾ Ten (10) year warranty against corrosion
◾ 14” total knife length
◾ Fast, easy disassembly for manual or dishwasher cleaning

Provides warranted quality that lasts for years!

BaouRouge Precision Slicing Knife


About The Product

French chef Pierre-André Divisia had a DUX precision slicing knife purchased in France in 1968, but after 50 years of service, his knife was starting to show its age.
The modern version was unreasonably priced, whereas the cheap knockoffs had bendy, plastic guides that rendered them useless.
What to do? Pierre-André decided to create the BaouRouge slicing knife based on his 1968 DUX precursor, whose patent had become public.
The result is a modern, manual food slicer that performs even better than the original…at a fraction of the cost!

Perfect Slices
Exact Food Slices